As any lady who wears clothing or shops in stores has probably noticed by now, "tent" and "trapeze" and "bubble" dresses are the new hotness, and while these puffy, loose, maternity-looking tops may seem forgiving to those of us with less than rail-thin figures, the Times would like to remind you that really, the focus has only shifted to a new indicator of skinnyosity. "Sharply outlined collarbones say 'Don't let this tent dress fool you: Underneath it all, this girl can fit into a sample size.'" Even more alarming: "It is also an area whose prominence is unlikely to be enhanced surgically (at least for now)." Stay tuned, Styles readers, for the inevitable follow-up story—'Is Clavicle-Whittling The New Labioplasty'?

The Collarbone's Connected To Slimness [NYT]
[Photo: Tony Cenicola]