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Get ready for the most synergistic fashion happening of our times! Famously difficult movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is going to make '70s brand Halston "the first American global luxury brand - an American LVMH." How will he accomplish this? "The film studio owned by the brothers Weinstein plans to dress actors in its movies in Halston fashions, hold a fashion show at next year's Cannes Film Festival and possibly open a stand-alone store in Manhattan." After all, nothing captures the experimental, artistic spirit of fashion more than enforced brand partnership. And somehow, this will also help make Halston seem irreproachably upscale: "'Louis Vuitton and Gucci are amazing, but this has the potential to be the classiest American brand,' Weinstein has said." Harvey is just a classy guy. Maybe his new focus on classiness will even lead him to shell out for business class tickets for his employees next time they all have to fly someplace!

Weinsteins Poach Choo Exec For Halston [NYP]