Some people aren't too happy about how they were portrayed in Isaiah Wilner's New York cover story about socialites and the websites that stalk them, but the Park Avenue Peerage mastermind, 18-year-old James Kurisunkal, is not one of them.

Why did I even come out? The writer of the New York piece, Isaiah Wilner, called me and we talked for hours, off the record. Isaiah sounded ethical and his reasons were equally pure: his piece was one that needed writing—a piece that would help clean up the sliming of innocent people. I felt obligated to act.

Far be it from us to question our hero's judgment, but we're a little leery of his characterization of Isaiah's "pure" motives. Almost as leery as we are of his assertion that his website "isn't a place to post accusations to destroy reputations." So it's just a place for pretty party pix? Screw that!

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