One of the stranger things we've come across in quite some time is this blog that John Mayer runs on, some sort of Lower East Side-Japanese-product shilling site (might have something to do with Nike? We dunno! Confusion!). Anyway, his most recent post reproduces an analysis of the media called "Media Fear Tactics," written by "threat assessment" consultant Gavin de Becker, who wrote that book The Gift of Fear. Okay, now we're scared! Also, John Mayer probably hates celebrity tabloids. Just a hunch.

Like, why else would he be so interested in how de Becker says:

It would be interesting if the standards of Truth in Advertising were applied to television news as they sometimes are to television commercials. In that unlikely situation, TV news writers would be required to use phrases and words that convey accurate information — as opposed to the phrases and words they use today.

Other phrases to watch out for, according to de Becker: "an alarming percentage," "in a developing story," "former employees," "in a surprise development," "experts fear," "but New Yorkers feel"... AND SO ON. But why is this man trying to DESTROY AMERICA? FEEL THE FEAR! —Doree

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