When we last saw Jeanine Pirro, she was in hot water over a jewelry business she had set up with taxpaying-averse husband Al. Now the former Westchester D.A. has bigger fish to fry: Turns out that while she was still in office, she secretly recorded her on-the-job conversations, one of which suggests that she "failed to disclose evidence that could have helped a man whom Ms. Pirro subsequently charged with murder." Oh, also, she asked an investigator to destroy them. And now a federal jury wants to hear more. This brings the number of investigations concerning Pirro up to seven thousand and forty-two (figure accurate as time of writing; there may be a couple more by time of publication). The more we think about it, the more we are starting to regret not electing Neaner as state district attorney. Secret taping, financial shenanigans, withholding evidence, destroying evidence... is there anything she can't do? (Maybe hard time.)

Pirro Accused of Withholding Evidence in Murder Case [NYS]