Katie Roiphe, N.Y.U. teacher and date rape apologist, wrote movingly in last week's New York magazine about how she's coping with divorce way better than anyone thinks she is and how she has already met someone and did she mention she's remodeling a house with "honey-colored, wide-planked floors"? She is! But one woman, Linda Friedner Cowen, wasn't so impressed with how adeptly Katie is picking up the pieces.

"Perhaps Katie Roiphe is thinking like a college student because her life is not much more complicated that a college student's," Linda writes in a letter to the magazine.

She has a child (many women her age worry about their prospects of becoming a mother) and her child's father is ready and able to participate in his daughter's life. Lucky Katie also has the ability to build a new house (many divorced women cannot even afford to stay in their old house). And she has an established career. Many divorced women with real financial and social concerns also make it through just fine—not because they are overgrown adolescents but because they are adults. —Linda Friedner Cowen, Great Neck, N.Y.

Excellent points all, Linda. New York is definitely kicking itself right now for not including one of those less-fortunate divorced women's stories, it's almost certain.

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