Today's New York Post Home real estate insert conveniently gathers all the ridiculous slogans that upscale condos are using to lure rubes into laying out $2,000 per square foot. Let's get a gander at what the best advertising minds of our generation have to offer!

The Setai
Address: 40 Broad St
Tagline: Setai. There's No Word For It In English

Kalahari Harlem
Address: 1400 Fifth Avenue at 116 St
Tagline: Live Like you Mean It

Cipriani Residences
Address: 55 Wall St.
Tagline: Own the Good Life, Cipriani-Style

The Omni
Address: 206 East 95th Street
Tagline: Live Outside the Box

Chelsea Stratus
Address: 101 W. 24th St
Tagline: Ultimate Atmosphere

25 Broad St
Address: Take a wild guess
Tagline: What Other Neighborhoods Want to be when they Grow Up

Smyth Tribeca
Address: 85 West Broadway
Tagline: Sit On Top Of the Whirl

The Harrison
Address 205 W. 76th St
Tagline: A Life of Enrichment In the Heart of the Upper West Side

245 Tenth Avenue
Address: See above
Tagline: Modern Elegance Meets the Artistry of Fine Design

459 West 18th
Address: See above
Tagline: Distinctive design Meets Luxurious Retreat