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If you find yourself wondering why that E!, Style Network, or G4 employee you really need to get in touch with this Friday afternoon isn't picking up his extension, don't panic: he's likely tied up with some very important keg-standing business on the Beer Floor of the First Annual Comcast Entertainment Group Crawl that will be raging at the CEG headquarters on Wilshire, a nice little tension-breaker that should help the company's employees blot out any unpleasant memories of the recent bomb scare at their headquarters with some free booze. Though it was supposed to be a surprise, staffers are already buzzing about the 10-foot ice luge CEO Ted Harbert will be personally operating in the lobby to kick off the event, sending shots of perfectly chilled Grey Goose rushing towards the gaping mouths of grateful underlings who are ready to take their Happy Hour revelry up a notch.