Since Urbandaddy makes no sense to us, we skimmed their mailing about the Gramercy Park Hotel's Private Rooftop Club with an admixture of confusion and apathy.

There's a new girl in town. And by girl, we mean spot. And by spot, we mean private members-only rooftop lounge, opening this week. In case you haven't made her acquaintance, it's the new Gramercy Park Hotel Private Roof Club and Garden. Although she's still gun-shy for press at this stage, we bring you a sneak peek

What follows is a description of ivy trellises, cocktails and a club you can't get into. (Well, you probably can.) Depending on whether your tendencies skew toward elitism or democracy, this either makes you want in more or want in less. Either way, you're not alone.

An early activity report mentions, "Rachel Zoe is in love with the place... On Tuesday, [for] the afterparty for Anthony Hopkins/Ryan Gosling's Fracture - about 200+ people - there was a very tight door so those people who weren't on the original list (including a hippy-headed socialite and a seminal fashion photographer) had a hard time getting in."

Now despite the seemingly constant presence of Rachel Zoe, we're definitely interested in anything that gives Arden Wohl a hard time.