Last week's convergence of beer, hipsters and destructive tendencies at 196 Grand left porcelain toilets shattered, windows broken and four men in jail. Its legacy has not only been marked in dented drywall, videos and an unreasonable amount of Gawker posts but also in mysterious phone calls. Apparently some dude who goes by the name Tony Robots has been receiving phone calls from the NYPD about the property; they seem to think he's the owner. Soon Mr. Robots was fielding calls from real estate agents who also think Domo Arigato Mr. Robots is the owner. Trouble is Mr. Robots isn't. And so he did what any man with the last name Robots would do in that situation: he Asked Metafilter.

Could somebody check if my phone number is posted outside 196 Grand St. in Manhattan? [Ask Metafilter]
[Photo: Punk Photo]