Despite the shattered toilet, the holes in the dry wall and the culino-urinary display, it seems our coverage of the Chinatown Hipster Riot Party missed at least one salient fact. That salient fact was pointed out to us by none other than the man behind the CHRP, "The Tux," who writes:

I am the person responsible for throwing the "Welcome to the old New York" riot-party on Saturday night in little Italy....[O]ne of the main reasons for throwing the party WAS to destroy the building in order to save on demo costs. The other reason was to have a sexy dance party....

In the front of the building we had DJs spinning and people dancing. The vibe was fantastic!! If you and your tipsters were on that side of the building you too would agree that it was the house party of the year. At one point there were so many people dancing I thought the second floor was going to give way. That being said there was only one rule presented to all the attendees. KEEP THE DISTRUCTION INSIDE THE BUILDING.

But did the distruction stay inside the building? No, in fact, it broke through the window and hit a "stocky Italian."

This simple rule, obviously for selfish reasons, could not be obeyed by a limited few, and for this reason alone the police shut us down at 4.45am instead of 10.00am. There were miraculously no noise complaints, and 6 or 7 police cars passed right by the building while the party was taking place. The police showed up at the building because some genius threw a beer bottle out of a third story window. The bottle ricocheted off a car hood across the street and hit a stocky Italian. The Guido immediately charged 196 looking for the culprit, and his girlfriend called the cops. During the evacuation we lost part of our DJ/PA equipment. Next Tuesday night at 205 my partner and I are planning to throw a fundraiser for the lost equipment, and I was wondering if you could possibly post this info so that the dueshebags that ruined the party for the rest of us may show up and donate. We are running a 10pm-12am open bar. $10 or better to get in.

Yes, we can. Hey dueshebags that ruined the party for the rest of them, Chinatown Hipster Riot Sexy Dance Party next Tuesday. Bring your own sledgehammer.