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In today's episode: Brad Pitt; Steve Carell; Will Ferrell and Jason Statham; Adrian Grenier and Tracy Ullman; Adam Brody; Alfred Molina, Patricia Heaton and Tony Shaloub; Pam Anderson; Kevin Connolly; Rachel Griffiths; Rob Morrow, Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey; Olivia Newton-John; Judy Greer and Sara Gilbert; Alyssa Milano and Whitney Port; Brett Butler; Danny Bonaduce and Bai Ling.

· walking up Orange 9:30 pm or so Mon nite, coming back from a stellar In N' Out trip - Brad Pitt catching a smoke on the side alcove of the Roosevelt. no wives, adoptees, handlers or anyone for that matter, just him and a cig. totally zoned out.

in like tan on tan t-shirt & slacks, comically chemically blonde hair stood out.

about as non-eventful as a Pitt sighting could come, actually.

· I saw Steve Carell at the Sherman Oaks Galleria on Good Friday at 2pm by himself. He was checking out his Evan Almighty poster for at least 3 minutes. Then he showed up in Blades of Glory and quickly left right after Jenna Fishcer's lingerie scene.

· Thursday April 12, around 9:30 A.M., picking up some expensive, weak, styrofoam-cupped espresso drinks at the Beverly Hills Hotel coffee shop and saw Will Ferrell leaving. He was wearing sunglasses indoors, which I didn't think any celebrities actually did and certainly wouldn't have expected him to do. But there you go. He tapped on the window as he was walking back up the stairs, perhaps to remind the cashier that charging him for breakfast would result in forfeiture of a walk-on role in 2008's "Untitled Gay- and/or Redneck-Baiting Sports Project." A few hours later, while having lunch at Urth, spotted Jason Statham carrying a take-out bag. Shorter than I thought, but aren't they always.

· Seen backstage at KCRW's Sounds Eclectic concert on Saturday, April 17: Adrian Grenier, looking cute and unassuming in jeans and a zip-up jacket, with his entourage...he tried out some of the instruments on display. Also, Tracy Ullman (looking chic and hot) with a much younger man (her son?) and Will Ferrell (Fro Patrol!) with the wife-unit. Folks were in good spirits then, but not so much today after the station axed some long-timers...

· Leaving the 2:45 Cineramadome showing of Disturbia Sunday (can someone please explain to me who [SPOILER ALERT] drove off in the green bug?? That movie had more holes than a golf course) spotted Adam Brody in shades getting something from the coffee cart by the gift shop, alone. The very day that big article and photo of him in the LA Times ran! Second time I've seen him there. He loves movies! (As the profile confirmed.)

· Monday April 9 2007 - I was eating dinner at Morel's at The Grove when I saw Alfred Molina (Doc Ock from Spiderman 2) go upstairs with his wife Jill Gascoine (imdb). He is very very tall but friendly looking, and his wife smiled at me. Very classy looking lady who I later learned (imdb again) was a very famous TV star in U.K.. Also saw Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond (tiny, cute, seemed nice) with her husband?, and also Tony Shaloub from Monk. There were other "faces" there but I had a couple of drinks so I couldn't put face-to-name as they say.

· This morning (4/13) I was part of the BMW cattle parade down Barham Pass into Burbank. I look to my left and I see Pam Anderson in a black BMW convertible with its hood down driving right next to me. She was dressed in a terricloth robe thing, giant sunglasses, and her hair looked like a crack-whore tranny hairhat. Never has there been more of a need for tinted windows. She had no makeup and her hands looked like they should do a cameo in the next "Mummy" movie. Obviously she was doing the "drive of shame" to her gig after an all-nighter with Tommy Lee's manfruit-by-the-foot. Gross.

· 4/15- Saw Kevin Connolly (Eric on "Entourage") eating brunch by himself at The Nosh in Beverly Hills. So short he could barely see over the counter...

· Yesterday, Monday April 16, was having a late lunch with a friend at Barney's Greengrass talking about how much we love "Brothers & Sisters" when said friend literally stopped mid-bite and said "Oh my god, it's Rachel." And I'm thinking "Rachel who??" I turned around expecting to see Jennifer Aniston. But actually, it was Rachel Griffiths (aka Sarah, aka crazy-ass-Brenda). She looked great. No make-up, super casual tunic top and worn-out jeans, flats. She was with an older man, presumably her hubby? Darn, I was hoping she was having an illicit incestuous tryst with her brother, Billy. I'm still mourning the passing of Six Feet Under...

· Saturday, 4/13. Spotted Rob Morrow of Numbers fame risking life and limb once again in the frozen tundra. This time, he put his innocent little daughter in harms way. Okay, so they weren't taking some back trail while skiing but rather arriving for a skating lesson at the Culver Ice Arena. Moments later, however, Clark Gregg appeared, perhaps answering a distress call from Mr. Morrow. Are all C-listers connected if some sort of incident should befall them? Anyway, when Clark Gregg is near, Jennifer Grey must soon follow. My first instinct was to look in the corners of the ice arena but alas she stood in plain nose and all. I guess she heeded Johnny's advice after all.

· While waiting for a friend to pick me up (on the upper level - even though everyone knows arrivals are on the lower level!- durr!) at the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX last night (4/12). A casually dressed and glowingly beautiful Olivia Newton-John jumped out of a black town car. Multiple suitcases, none of that pretentious LV luggage, mainly sport bags and regular cases. I grew up listening to her 'Totally Hot' album, so I had to say something. I was completely gushing. The woman is an angel (not once did I get a "please shut up I have a flight to catch" look) She is so warm, kind and absolutely beautiful in person. Said she was going to do a tour in Asia. So with that I wished her safe travels. I jumped in my friend's '92 Corolla, she went off to the First class check-in.

· Thursday, 4/12: Spotted Judy Greer lunching at Real Food Daily on La Cienega, loving her vegan fare. She was adorable (sans makeup) and thin, sitting with another gal. Also spotted Sara Gilbert at the counter—she was alone until another actress, who I think used to be a model, but whose name I don't know, popped up to ask some questions from the counter guy. They had a nice, "Hey, haven't seen you in forever!" moment. Sara is a tiny person. I can't even think of what the other girl has been in, so she shall remain a nameless person with a recognizable face.

· The Hills' "Whitney" (Whitney Port, thanks IMDB), sitting in the front row of the dugout club seats at the Dodgers v. Padres game on the 15th (Jackie Robinson day). She was with three generic LA guys outfitted in various combinations of the ubiquitous hat/hoodie ensemble. Whitney herself was in a parka (it was cold) and low-rise jeans that looked like boy jeans. She looked cute but super skinny - she's lost some serious "I've-been-on-TV-so-must-become-and-stay-rail-thin" weight. She was also not wearing panties; her ass crack was seen by all in my party one time when she went to get food. She actually ate quite a lot. Tapeworm? Anyway the cool thing, besides the ass crack, was that her and her mantourage arrived early for all the Jackie Robinson festivities and stayed until the end of the game. Not LA at all. Very nice.

· Also sighted at the game: Alyssa Milano, who apparently operates a very well-written Dodgers blog that only makes me love her more. Several Hall of Fame ballplayers. Frank McCourt miffing a foul ball and good-naturedly laughing at himself and taking his boo's like a man. I guess that's really only one celebrity. Whitney, I was informed, is not a celebrity.

· I was buying beer at Rite Aid on Ventura on Saturday night (4/14) when I started to get annoyed that this woman was monopolizing the only open check out line by chatting with the guy working the register. They finally opened another register, and I realized that the person responsible for hindering the line was Brett Butler

· Sunday, 4/15 - I ambled out of Home Depot just before it closed tonight and found Danny Bonaduce outside in all his glory. Tight t-shirt, tight jeans, huge cross pendant (seriously—it was at least three inches long & really thick) and a big belt buckle. He's freakily well-sculpted, but can't be taller than 5'9" at the most. He was on his phone, pacing around—I'm not sure if he was just leaving or just arriving, but he had about four minutes to go until the place closed. The best part may have been the glee with which the security guard told the check out clerk that "the guy from The Partridge Family" was outside—methinks Home Depot doesn't get many celebrities, and certainly not at closing on a Sunday night.

· Swingers on Beverly, 2:30a.m. Sunday. I'd just come from Bar Sinister, and was eating some french toast at the counter while trying to hide my skimpy outfit under my coat. Then Bai Ling sat down next to me and I relaxed, because really, who can out-skimpy Bai Ling? The place was packed, so service was a little slow. Ms. Ling kept pointing at her menu and asking passing busboys, "Can we order now? Can we order?"