While arriving a little late to the Studio 60 parody party, Conan O'Brien's Studio 6A effort of last Friday night makes up for its lack of timeliness (especially considering the possibility we may never see another new 60 episode outside of a complete first-season DVD release) with its savvy utilization of network-quality production values—we wouldn't be surprised if the Late Night staff tricked NBC into sinking $4 million into the clip by attaching Sorkin's name—and top-tier talent, which has temporarily reinvigorated the moribund form. Spending this brief time with a generously pompadoured, appropriately self-serious Liev Schreiber and a suddenly tragic Mastubating Bear made us unexpectedly choke up, reminding us that we may never again get to spend another intentionally unfunny primetime minute with Matthew Perry and Lobster Boy.