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While the rest of us are drinking and snoozing, the television is trying to transmit important information into our homes. Today, our special correspondent for T.V. punditry catches us up on the week in chat shows. Because we totally wouldn't watch that shit if you paid us. Get your tinfoil hats on!

By paying attention to the pundits on TV talk shows, we're inflating their book advances and letting them win. We're helping inane hosts and insane panelists in their insatiable quest to fuel their egos and, quite literally, their Connecticut homes. But is there one woman who understands our quandary? And is her name Glynnis MacNicol? Glynnis is the crazy-haired Canadian former waitress who writes "RussertWatch" for The Huffington Post.

Glynnis undoubtedly spends a substantial portion of each day Googling "Tim Russert." She is totally obsessed with Tim and all his friends on "Meet The Press." (And who wouldn't be?) Her posts on HuffPo are laundry-list yet scattershot summaries of each show, with some questions both vague and random. She is probably the only other person who pays more attention to this crap than we do.

This week, as the pundits beat the Imus story into a barely recognizable pulp, Glynnis MacNicol carried it proudly all the way into the next news cycle. And even though complete transcripts and videos of the show are available online, Glynnis remains undeterred in her quest to post detailed minute-by-minute rundowns of each episode. Hours and hours of RussertWatching have convinced Glynnis that the world will be saved if she can just get them to talk about things the way she would on "Meet The Press."

She is a finger-wagging, blogging force to be reckoned with. Glynnis MacNicol knows that the War In Iraq, Genocide In Darfur, and racism, poverty, and global warming can all be stopped if only she is able to add her whiny, partisan, slant on the national debate. She refuses to let her lack of credentials and charisma prevent her from being a part of the "Meet The Press" discussion. Glynnis MacNicol, Citizen Journalist, will be heard!

There is an upside. You see, if she can keep finding the energy to talk about nothing, then so can the rest of Bloglandia.

Glynnis MacNicol, you give us the courage and strength to blog on. And someday, we'll get to party with the likes of Rachel Sklar and Julia Allison. Oh, wait....

Recently, Glynnis showed us all what was up, after recapping some dull discussion about Obama on Russert:

This was interesting to us for no other reason than the mention of the word "blogsphere", which we're not used to hearing a whole lot on Meet the Press. Truth be told, we're more used to it's influence on matters of the day being ignored (we're thinking in particular here of the recent Walter Reed scandal and the John Edwards bloggers fallout. Though, we also wonder if, during the show that ran shortly after Trent Lott was forced to resign, any mention of the blogsphere's role was made - MTP transcripts don't go back that far). That said, we don't pretend to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Meet the Press, so if we're off the mark here, please let us know via the comment section and we will update accordingly.

Indeed. No tangent is ever too fact-free, or unexplored, or underdeveloped, or poorly punctuated, to be noted and tossed aside for later, or better yet, for someone else to deal with.

Frankly, this is a policy we can get behind. The future of internet journalism is exactly what we thought it would be. See you there!