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The L.A. edition of GLAAD's annual media awards were held Saturday night, when the anti-defamation organization with the poorly camouflaged hard-on for Hollywood can finally indulge a year's worth of celebrity reacharound fantasies, honoring the wonderful visibility-related work being done by famous Gays and Gay-Friendlies of every letter-designated caste. A round-up:
· Recovering slur victim T.R. Knight opened the ceremonies, telling the gathered crowd, "I am angry at the inequality we face every day. I hope to turn my anger into action." He then encouraged the audience to "imagine that eclair in front of you is Isaiah Washington," and instructed them to attack the pastry accordingly with their dessert forks. [AfterElton]
· Knight later responded to reporters' questions about how things have been between him and gayhabbed co-star Isaiah Washington behind the scenes at Grey's Anatomy (which, ironically, took the outstanding individual episode award), Knight evasively replied, "I just focus on doing the work. That's my job; that's what I'm paid for; and I think that's enough." [AccessHollywood] []

· A-list Gay-Friendly* Royal Jake Gyllenhaal surprised the crowd by showing up to introduce Jennifer Aniston, who received—due in no small part to her revelatory, Courteney-Cox-ass -groping-turn on Dirt—the Vanguard Award. The gathered crowd—traditionally a placid, well-behaved bunch—could barely contain themselves, and his admonition to "Settle down, cowboys" didn't much help matters. Organizers anticipated just such a reaction, however, and promptly piped in a mild, temporary paralytic gas, leaving the impeccably groomed crowd twitching involuntarily on the floor as a gas-mask-equipped Jake finally got to read his prepared statements in which he praised his former The Good Girl co-star as being "totally cool with the gay thing, and thus richly deserving of this award." [Popnography]
· Ben Affleck was on hand to present Little Miss Sunshine with the Outstanding Film-Wide Release award, telling the crowd, "It strikes me as unfortunate that we live in a time when it was easier for Matt and I to win an Oscar than it was for us to get married." The audience responded to the comment with hysterical laughter, as a confused Affleck stoicly looked on, a single tear welling in his left eye and eventually crawling down his cheek. [LA Daily News]

*According to official bio