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  • Welcome back to CBS Radio, CEO Dan Mason. There are a couple of items in your inbox. Start with that Imus folder. [NYP]
  • Gwen Ifill discomfits Tim Russert and David Brooks over their Imus appearances. [E&P]
  • Funny people and Arianna Huffington discuss how Don Imus crossed the line. Apparently, it was the "moral authority of his own irreverence" that did him in. [NYM]
  • David Carr takes a look at Field & Stream. Eat it, Portfolio. [NYT]
  • When it comes to networks that manufacture fake journalism Comedy Central's audience is better informed about current events than those who watch Fox News. [E&P]
  • All this new web stuff makes Simon Dumenco cranky. [AdAge]
  • NBC Thursdays: No-see TV. [Mediaweek]
  • from now on
    rosie odonnell
    will just be screaming
    on the inside
    unlike her viewers [Rosie]