Page Six steps up to the plate this morning with some hard—and, no doubt, extensively vetted—gossip. Seems that Jann Wenner

has been stepping out on his long-term life partner and co-father of his young son, Matt Nye. The publisher of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Journal - who dumped his wife, Jane, of 28 years for pretty-boy fashion designer Nye in 1995 - has been spotted around town with Neal Boulton, the editor-in-chief of Men's Fitness magazine. Boulton is married, to a woman, with kids.

So much to work with here! First, how much do we love that "married" now needs to be followed up by a specification of spousal gender? Next, it's great that the Post gets a moment in the sun where they sound gay-friendly (which probably explains the lack of a Sean Delonas cartoon today).

"It isn't clear whether Nye is aware of his partner's cozy relationship with Boulton," the Page Sixers typed, although we're pretty sure he's got some idea of it now.

In any event, so many questions, particularly "Do men's magazines make you gay, or will men's magazine editors do anything to kiss Wenner's ass?" And who is Neal Boulton, alleged Jann paramour?

Well, for starters, he's a 1989 graduate of Washington College. In an article he penned for the Spring '05 issue of that institution's alumni magazine, Boulton reveals his love of words, specifically the words 'Neal Boulton'.

"Secretly," he notes, "my favorite pastime is hitting the magazine racks—in grocery stores, airport newsstands, and tiny Manhattan sidewalk kiosks—and spotting all the magazines with my name in them." Something tells us Neal's gonna have a busy week.

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