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If you're like us, the first time you achieved "awareness" of Redline— the fancy-cars-go-really-fast flick that will likely have a hammerlock on eighth place at the box office this weekend—was when onetime Undercover Brother star Eddie Griffin totaled a $1.3 million Ferrari Enzo at a promotional event for the still-obscure movie, an accident so spectacularly fortuitous as to invite uncharitable theories that it was staged. Today's LAT once again thrusts the independently financed and distributed film into our consciousness (we'd forgotten about its existence the moment we were told that cinematic treasure Griffin was going to be OK), noting that at first blush, the whole thing might seem like just an excuse for a bored millionaire to show off his collection of absurdly expensive automobiles, but upon digging slightly deeper, we'd all discover the project was conceived in love, not merely ego:

But the movie didn't start as a way to get Sadek's cars some screen time.

Instead, it began with [deep-pocketed producer Daniel] Sadek's former fiancée, actress Nadia Bjorlin.

After playing Chloe Lane on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives," Bjorlin, 26, started auditioning for movie roles. "I saw what she had to go through — driving every day from Newport to Los Angeles, and I never saw her get anything," Sadek says. "I watched her struggle. And I wanted people to see her talent."

So Sadek conceived "Redline" as a movie for Bjorlin..

It's a story as old as Hollywood itself, but one that never fails to choke us up, in which the guy with way too much money dries the tears of his inconsolable, struggling-actress girlfriend after yet another failed audition (the indignity of coming home without the part of "Busty Woman in Car" is just too much to bear for someone so dedicated to her craft), then whispers, "Don't worry, baby. Daddy's gonna buy you a movie bigger and dumber than the one that didn't want you."