Eat the Press notes this recent deal from Publishers Marketplace:

Internet sensation (and recent winner of the YouTube Video Award for Best Series based on viewer voting) creators Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols's THE NINJA HANDBOOK: A Guide for Non-Ninjas To Become More Ninja-like, claiming to be the first "video podcast to book" deal, to Julian Pavia at Crown, for six figures, at auction, by Joe Veltre of Artists Literary Group (NA). Ask a Ninja is represented by UTA and manager John Elliott at Mosiac Media.

You know, the publishing industry is such a wondrous magical place—like a Disneyland where all the animatronic characters are made out of money!—that of course video podcasters want in.

For instance: It only takes most publishers 18 to 24 months to publish a book! They also have these innovative ideas of promotion—as a Published Author, you might be allowed to fly yourself to Chicago and/or Miami, sometimes Iowa City, to read to an audience of 12 or 13 people at a Barnes and Noble!

And when your Kirkus and/or Publisher's Weekly reviews come out, and their wild praise contains one critical note, suddenly the PR people at your publisher are occupied with other projects. Then, surely unrelatedly, your $20,000 advance doesn't earn out and everyone scratches their heads in puzzlement.

It's the most retarded shell game on earth. And also the most technophobic, ass-backwards, financially-dumb-headed industry in the world. (Well, maybe second, behind office water delivery businesses. But at least they know how to charge the right prices for their product.) Our prediction: First video podcaster book: $140K advance. Second video podcaster book: $700K advance. Third video podcaster book: $15K advance. None earn out, the shark gets skullfucked in both eyeballs, and then it's contract video podcasting gigs for all, and some God-awful ghost-video podcasting gigs, which results in yet more bitter alcoholic blather on video podcasts. Enjoy the moment, little video podcasters. Take your advances and buy stock in while you can.

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