Oooh, we got an email from Tim S. Perkin today, of Underwood, Perkins & Ralston out in Dallas—he represents former Times and current Portfolio reporter Kurt Eichenwald, who was accused (by others!) of being in a funny place for loaning money to a kiddie-porn story source. It was all: "Please forward me the name of Gawker's legal counsel as soon as possible," that kind of thing. Well gladly! We were beginning to think Kurt Eichenwald's plans to sue various people, or at least reporter Debbie Nathan, as he so vehemently expressed in a letter to Romenesko a month or so ago, had just evaporated. Anyway we called Tim to ask what was up, but he was in some sort of legal meeting or something. Fine! We're going to Balthazar for coffee, so try us later!

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