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Behold an EXCLUSIVE! MUG SHOT! EXCLUSIVE! of Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, freshly booked after his arrest this morning in the Panama City airport on contempt of court charges. In it, the titty-flashing tycoon courageously demonstrates his high threshold for the Panama City authorities' coercive interrogation tactics, managing, despite the cruel and unusual deprivation of maximum-hold hair product, to confidently bare all 72 teeth for the camera, in a smile that all but says, "Just try and make it stick, Smoaky." The details, courtesy of

The U.S. Marshal's Office in Panama City, Fla., tells PEOPLE that Francis, 34, was arrested at 6:30 a.m. at the Panama City airport on a warrant seeking his arrest for criminal contempt of court.

He is currently being held at the Bay County jail, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal's Office says.

Although Francis told Fox News's Geraldo Rivera on Monday that he would surrender to authorities, the arrest was carried out by airport police who recognized him before he could present himself to the Marshal's Office.

We'd caution, despite his arrest, not to fall victim to a false sense of security, and parents of developed teenage girls with a propensity towards accepting free alcohol and stripping for the cameras particularly should not be signing off on any "Cancun U. Semester Afloat" consent forms without first asking the appropriate questions. Francis's operation is not the type that can be shut down by a mere short-term incarceration, as his army of DV-equipped henchmen are highly trained in the dangling of shiny, GGW-branded swag in front of the undocumented spring break participants who are just an eye-level and breast-level black bar away from becoming the company's next unwitting DVD covergirls.