Very bad news! Fans of Jon Bon Jovi will have to wait "indefinitely" to read the "never-before-told stories of Jon's experiences as a screen actor, as well as insights into his commitment to social and political causes; and behind-the-scenes descriptions of the songwriting sessions that gave birth to some of the greatest hits of the modern era" in his bio, Believe, which has been "postponed" by Random House imprint Flying Dolphin Press. But it gets worse: The book's unreadiness for publication means that Bon Jovi won't play their hotly anticipated Book Expo America benefit concert (sharing a bill with Amy Grant! Baby, baby!). Still there's hope: if a new headliner can be arranged, the BEA allows that the show might be able to go on. "Our minds are very open," their event planner tells Bookslut. In that case! How about the author of the soon to be classic Out Of Sync? Yes, Lance Bass comes out (har) in October.

BEA Forced To Cancel Bon Jovi Concert [Galleycat]