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We hate to so soon dip back into the bottomless, celebrity-contaminated well that is Bravo executive Andy Cohen's blog, but when every post reads like the conspiratorial oversharing of your almost inconceivably better-connected best friend over a lunch of chopped Cobb, can you really blame us? The appeal isn't in his mere relentless name-dropping; rather, it's the utter randomness of the combination of those names, placed into the gayest environments known to Man, that makes for riveting reading. Take, for example, today's post, in which rainbow beams practically explode from Andy's fingertips as he recounts his experience attending a Diana Ross concert as the guest of unlikely member of the Bravo star stable, Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton:

I've been a Diana Ross fan since I can remember and Jim has known Ross for longer. His "Inside the Actors Studio" with the singer was a triumph; I figured when I asked someone on his staff to get me tickets that they would actually come from someone on his staff and not the man himself.

He, naturally, scored such fantastic seats and when the first strains of "I'm Coming Out" wafted from the stage, we got the sense that the concert was just being performed for us.

For those of you who missed that episode of Actors Studio, a helpful YouTubian has edited down the installment to just the parts involving Ross cackling like a crazy lady, with patient viewers also rewarded with a context-irrelevant anecdote about the time the former Supremes frontwoman walked down a public street with some citrus squeezed between her thighs. Andy's vital prose renders such background research inessential, however, making us feel as though we were right there, grooving along with Lipton and the boys as the opening notes of "Muscles" reduced the steely-eyed administrator of the Bernard Pivot questionnaire into a weeping, pigtailed, preteen girl.