When Jeffrey Chodorow stopped by our table at his newly opened Wild Salmon, he proudly pointed heavenly to the shoal of golden salmon swimming, as noted, semenly upstream on the ceiling. Choad, like a proud father, told us the fishes were injection-molded copper. His eyes shining under the reflection of 249 fish, Chodorow confessed the fish had cost more than Kobe Club's Damocles-like swords. So imagine our sense of betrayal when we read the Choad has "assured" New York's Gael Greene that "They're plastic, so you can't possibly be killed if one falls on your head." Well, which is it, Chodorow? A quick call to the restaurant confirms our worst fears. The fish are extruded plastic finished in metallic copper. But there's more perfidy than we thought. After four hours of calling nearly every medical examiner on the Eastern seaboard, we're pretty sure a four pound fish falling 22 ft would indeed kill somebody. So, j'accuse, Chodorow. You SO CAN possibly be killed.