Holy Saturday, for many of us, means family brunches and transubstantiation—but for the two young messieurs from MisShapes, it apparently means business as usual. That is, getting wasted and passing out in an alley. The mysterious flaneur Down By The Hipster had perhaps the best sighting since we last saw Jimmy Kimmel drunk off his ass.

I was walking west on Spring Street on Saturday night and as I was walking by Don Hill's, I noticed a dude passed out laying on the sidewalk with his head propped against the side of the building. It was freezing and nobody was outside and he was in a t-shirt. I also noticed a guy trying to revive/argue with him. I noticed the dude on the ground was one of the MisShapes and so was the guy leaning over him. No idea which was which, because they look like twin muppets.

Though the tipster presumes the two young gentlemen were inebriated, we humbly defer. If we recall the lessons of our Rodeph Shalom Catholic School education, isn't drunk by the dumpster the 14th Station of the Cross?

Misstep for Misshapes [DBTH]