· When the end is nigh, there will be sneezing pandas. And, of course, terrible Hilary Swank movies.
· The latest Chinese version of the Idol franchise will be called Boys Happy Voice (or Happy Boys Voice—the piece seems confused on the matter), strive to "maintain a happy atmosphere" and feature judges "prohibited "from mocking or humiliating contestants." In short, it is going to suck. We hope someone sends a Chinese Sanjaya to destroy it from within.
·We'd hate to give Kate Beckinsale a complex, but yeah, she'd look better with Queen Latifah-sized "gigantic real breasts."
·Despair, Hills fans: This LC person says there is no tape of her getting in on with that other guy, contrary to other reports.
· "All we're asking them to do is to treat smoking in the movies the same way they treat fuck."