Late to the party with this one, but what a party it is: a Mandingo party, to be precise! This phenomenon, detailed in March's Details, entails a bunch of rich white men getting together a bunch of well-hung black men and then paying these persons to do their saggy wives. Wait, maybe not paying them: "Each guest at Hammer's parties pays an annual membership—couples pay $30 and Mandingos $75. Everyone pays an additional fee of $30 for each party." Wait, so these men are paying to be whores?

Paying to have sex with soccer moms, one of whom is described as a "pudding of cellulite?" We think someone got confused amidst all the hot action. Anyway, in that particular instance, an "inner attraction" was cited (riiight), but the real appeal for "Mandingos" seems to be that these events enable them to forge connections to rich white people: "the way [one "Mandingo"] sees it, interracial orgies are the new golf."

Wow, there is so much information here for anyone who might be looking either to be a Mandingo or to have his wife boned by one. The only conclusion possible, maybe, is that the Details is looking to totally own the "leisure interests" category at next year's ASMEs. Seriously, take that, Golf Digest!

Meet the Mandingos [Details]