What's that unfamiliar face peering out at all us trashy housewives from the masthead of Star? Why, it's former Globe editor Candace Trunzo, who took over the reins from our beloved punching bag Joe Dolce on April 1st. How will Star be different under Candace's leadership? "I'm on a mission," she declares in her first editor's letter, promising "more celebrity news stories, more revealing must-see photos, more fun, more pop!" Oh boy! Unfortunately, when Candace says "more," she seems to mean "less" — her first Star contained only three Normal/Not Normals (there are usually at least five!) and only three "Worst of the Week" fashion violations! Even a particularly gruesome shot of Courtney Love's fresh lipo couldn't compensate. Bring us the trash we crave, Candy! You're veering dangerously close to In Touch territory here.