In an interview with Metro, your alternate choice for subway platform linoleum, former Sassy/Jane editor Jane Pratt comes clean about that rumored dalliance with Drew Barrymore, the actress who so memorably portrayed Amy Fisher in one of the three made-for-television movies they made about that story. Metro's Daniel Holloway asks the tough questions.

What was the impetus to bring up the Drew Barrymore thing now?

I really didn't bring it up. I really like and respect the reporter [the New York Post's Keith J. Kelly], so I've held back from making too much of it, but the quote that was in there was not exactly what I said [about how I fucked Drew Barrymore.]. I wouldn't just bring [fucking Drew Barrymore] up out of the blue. What happened was I [fucked Drew Barrymore and] was talking about Howard Stern [to whom I mentioned that I fucked Drew Barrymore]. I was talking about Sirius, so I was talking about Howard Stern and how much I really wanted to go on his show again [to talk about how I fucked Drew Barrymore]. And I didn't say "I had sex with Drew Barrymore" or "I had sex with a famous person" or whatever it says there [but, you know, I did fuck Drew Barrymore]. It's a little bit hard for me to not go back in there and go, "I didn't say that," but then I just have to remind myself this is what it's like when you're a little bit of a public figure [who fucked Drew Barrymore] again. Not even a major [Drew Barrymore-fucking] one. But that's just the way it is [when you fucked Drew Barrymore and are still bringing it up for publicity]. Also, I fucked Drew Barrymore.

Clarifications ours, obvs.

Hear Jane host [Metro]