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In today's episode: Matthew McConaughey; Daniel Craig; Elisha Cuthbert; Jason Alexander; B.J. Novak, Fred Willard and Brian Austin Green; Vince Neil; Emilie de Ravin; Lauren Ambrose and Bruno Tonioli; Kristy Swanson; Eddie Steeples; Liz Sheridan; Tim Busfield; Dita Von Teese; Ian Ziering; Joe Simpson and Lil' Jon; Jesse Camp and Efram Potelle

· Matthew McConaughey was among the beautiful people at Parc on Wednesday night.

Admittedly, before anyone said it was him, I was making fun of his dancing. He was contorting into nearly horizontal positions with some girl between him and the floor. She was a (I'm told) ballet dancer, very cute. Good work Matt. Defying all myths that pot makes you slothful, the man gets points for stamina — he was shaking it for at least two hours.

Other than impressively limber, the only other way to describe his dancing was animalistic. First he was mimicking a chicken. Later when "Brass Monkey" came on, McConaughey took his cues from the later part of the song title and danced in primate-esque fashion. Could have gone my whole life without seeing that, but you can't blame a guy for having a good time.

· 3/29/07 Just saw Daniel Craig leaving Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks. I have no idea why blond Bond would be in the Valley.

· I'm sure this is probably too late, but me and my roommate think we saw Elisha Cuthbert at Best Buy(West Hollywood) this past Saturday. Noticed her while we were dvd browsing. The girl in question walked around kind of aimlessly, all by her lonesome. She was wearing one of those little caps like Elisha wore in "The Girl Next Door". I know I'm not the only one who saw that, so don't play. In the parking garage, she got into a dark, underwhelming car (though it had tinted windows) with a tall, brown-haired dude, just a couple of spots from where we parked. I snuck a "i'mjustmakingsurethere's roombehindustobackup" glance and she seemed aware that we "knew". Little did she know we weren't sure!

· (3/23) I had just bought myself an iced tea at Larchmont's Peet's Coffee, when I turned around to see Jason Alexander seated with a couple industry types. He looked distinguished in a full-beard, and spoke with his business associates in low sonorous voice. The only time he seemed George Costanza-ish was when he received a phone call from Woody Harrelson (?!). His voice went up an octave and he began gesticulating wildly. Once the call was over, he returned back to his professorial bearing.

· I was at the Farmer's Market today (3/28) enjoying an extra-long, bomb-scare-evacuation brunch when I spotted The Office's B.J. Novak eating at a nearby table. He was alone, texting and reading a paper, looking ultra-relaxed. Also, yesterday I passed Fred Willard as he walked down the sidewalk of the Baja Fresh/SAG Building block of the Miracle Mile. He was dressed in this oversized, flanel/fleece sweater with moose and pine trees printed all over it - not in the ironic hipster way, but more like something I would pick out for my grandfather from the L.L. Bean Catalog. Later that night I saw Brian Austin Green standing outside of Fred 62s with a few friends. I have nothing interesting to report except that he is a babe even in track pants.

· @4:45pm Sunday 3.25 Heading East on Melrose at LaBrea a surprisingly non-bloated Vince Neil of Motley Crue driving a brand new silver convertible porsche.

I screamed "Hey Vince, Shout at the Devil Man!" and made the obligatory devil horns in his direction.

He looked less than amused and turned his head and sped off.

· I finally, after a long dry spell, have a sighting to report. I was in the Toluca Lake Trader Joe's and was looking at a very cute (and very young) guy when his ostensible girlfriend looked up from the apples....lo and behold, it was Emilie de Ravin, tinier than ever and cute as a button. Tiny! Teeny! Darling!

· 3-28 at the Lotteria at the farmers market at the grove Lauren Ambrose with 2 guys (one husband?) and very cute baby with orange fuzzy booties, getting some food. Lauren looking very mom like. a few minutes later i saw that judge Bruno Tonioli from dancing with the stars order food from lotterria too........seems we all like it there. he was in a hurray and alittle sweaty..........

the day before i saw kristy swanson with her baby and mom? is she preggers again? walking on the SM promande.

· Sitting at the bar in El Compadre, the rock & roll Mexican joint on Sunset, my conversation and margarita were interrupted by someone trying to order a drink over my shoulder. The minute I saw that nappy 'fro and the cigarette tucked behind his ear I wanted to say, "Darnell!". Eddie Steeples was hanging at the bar, apparently waiting for a table as well, with two writer-looking types.....surprisingly way smaller in person than I would have imagined. I guess it's all that hair that makes him seem bigger.

· Continuing my run-ins with the slightly-obscure: I saw Liz Sheridan (Jerry Seinfeld's mom) Saturday night (3/24) at Burbank Airport, trying to get help on the house phone. It's own circle of Hell, I'm sure.

Then, continuing with the 90s TV theme, there was Tim Busfield, waiting at the light at Hollywood Way and Alameda, Blackberrying while he should have been paying attention to traffic (3/27). He obviously needs the Blackberry Helmet!!!

· Spotted Dita Von Teese at Porno Burrito (El Atacor #11) in Lincoln Heights at 3am. No, she did not order the porno burrito, for that would have been newsworthy. She must be bored... although the same could be said of me if she keeps turning up where I am. At least we know she eats.

· 3-30 this morning at the griddle, ian ziering and family in the big corner both.

· Was at the Lakers/Grizzlies game on Tuesday evening (3/27), and saw two B-listers. First, I spotted Papa Joe Simpson himself, sitting courtside next to some guy who looked like he may have been Grandpa Simpson. Was wearing his tacky diamond encrusted watch and didn't smile once. Lil' Jon sat in the corner courtside, complete with grill, long dreads, and sunglasses. Had an entourage of three, all also in shades. At night. Awesome.

· I'd like to submit my hot tip for celebrity sighting of the week..Mr. 1998 MTV VJ contest winner himself Jesse Camp! Went to pick up my dog food from Centinela Feed & Supply on Pico and there he was...stocking the shelves with no help from a ladder (the dude is TALL)Very charming and witty and even helped me carry out my bag to my car!

· Efram Potelle, the slightly more annoying half of the directing-duo responsible for the mediocre "Battle of Shaker Heights" — the second of three straight box office bombs made possible by HBO's Project Greenlight — spotted today (3/28) at Psychobabble on Vermont. Those who watched the show may remember him as the shorter, pushier director who had the audacity to request that money be taken out of the film's budget to buy him a new car. He was sitting quietly working on a script.