So that recent Sun piece where former Voice editor David Blum tried to go all Arlene Croce on Joan Didion garnered what may very well be the saddest comment we've ever seen.

Submitted by lenore, Mar 27, 2007 13:13

I tried plowing through the excerpt that was in the New York Times Magazine when it came out and, unfortunately, found the piece unreadable in its unrelenting detail. "I thought the EMT's came in 15 minutes, but I look back and see they took 17.3 minutes..."

So dull! I feel bad for her loss — whou wouldn't? — but I, too, was surprised that this woman whose work shook me to the core in college was now sounding like anyone else recalling a personal event: I.e, unable to see what might be utterly fascinating to oneself does is not necessarily relevant to the general public.

Anyway — i work at the sun, too, but didn't know how to contact you and just wanted to say how much this piece reverberated for me! - Lenore

We think Dave should totally get in touch with Ms. Skenazy—they could spend hours commiserating about what it's like to be unceremoniously sacked from flailing publications.

Felt the same way! [NYS]