• Byron "Barney" Calame's term as Times ombudsman will not be that paper's last. No word yet on a successor, but we understand that this guy is not in the running. [WWD]
  • New Post business editor tries hard to convince serious journalists of the Murdoch organ that he does not carry the taint of Star. [NYO]
  • Amid reports that Tribune is about to accept Sam Zell's buyout bid, business analysts desperately try to find another way to drag out this fucking story. [NYP]
  • Conrad Black trial continues. Care? [Guardian]
    Cancer: the new Britney. [TVNewser]
  • David Sedaris, crazy Times army lady prove that you should never trust anybody. Especially people who tell you stories about monkeyfishing. [Slate]
  • Jews will do anything for money. [NYT]
  • Axed and ankled News staffers gather to celebrate themselves. [NYP]
  • Malcolm Gladwell lies to Spencer Morgan. Nobody lies to Spencer Morgan. [NYO]