BusinessWeekman Jon Fine has called out TMZ for sending Britney Spears "valentines," saying that the stories about the "rehab doll" they've been running have been suspiciously favorable. He cites the site's reports that Britney "has had an utter personality change since going into rehab" and its description of her as "radiant, smiling, and hatted" as evidence. "If the first 'official' photo session of a rehabbed Ms. Spears appears on, we'll know we're truly onto something," he concludes. It's an interesting take, but probably not an accurate one. Thing is, when Britney is staying out of nightclubs and keeping her clothes and wig on, there's really not much to say! The only way to make a story is to be all "she has turned her life around for good." Plus, if Britney or her people (such as they are) could figure out how to get TMZ in their pocket, Britney wouldn't be on TMZ in the first place. Right?

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