Say what you will about Radar impresario Maer Roshan (and we have!), but the man knows how to put together a staff. In fact, one of the hallmarks of the three incarnations of his magazine has been the strength of the writers and editors he convinces to join him on his magical mystical journey through magazine-dom. But just who comprises this motley crew? From whence did they spring? And what in their varied backgrounds could have prepared them for the GREATEST MAGAZINE RE-RE-LAUNCH EVER? Come, let's examine their biographies together!

Aaron Gell, Executive Editor.

  • Film editor, Time Out New York, 1996-1999.
  • Senior editor, Mirabella, March 1999-March 2000
  • Features Editor, W, March 2000
  • At some point, filled in as editor of ElleGirl before Christina Kelly took over in July 2004.
  • Straight.
  • Bounced around for awhile, contributing to Vanity Fair's Fanfair section for a spell. Also wrote that piece about the hippie school in Brooklyn in the NYT that was originally supposed to run in New York magazine, but got killed and the NYT cut it by 4000 words. Fuckers.
  • Once wrote a fake memo from Saddam Hussein to Hachette Filipacchi head Jack Kliger for
  • Wrote a piece for Radar 2.0 about Lamb and Lynx Gaede, the sisters of the neo-Nazi singing group Prussian Blue, that got picked up by GQ when the final issue of that incarnation didn't get published.
  • Been rejected by the New Yorker, but managed to get piece about the same subject published in Salon.
  • At least partially responsible for the Toxic Bachelors spread.
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Christopher Tennant, Deputy Editor.

  • Maer's most loyal lieutenant. Worked for him at Talk, New York Magazine, and Radars 1.0 and 2.0. He even worked on the 2004 Republican convention special that Maer headed up at NYM after Radar 1.0 folded.
  • Straight.
  • Re: Radar 1.0, told the LAT in 2003 that it was "more than a little bit like being in college again."
  • Freelanced at Page Six and helped with the first issue of Page Six: The Magazine, though reportedly resisted putting his byline on anything. Departed in the wake of Jared Paul Stern-gate.
  • Prep-school kid from tony Boston suburb of Newton, MA, became editor of the Badger Herald at the University of Wisconsin. Interned at the New York Observer after graduation, where he provided research assistance on a 2500-word piece about smells in New York City.
  • Known for his velvet blazers, unbuttoned shirts, and tight jeans.
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Jeff Bercovici, Senior Writer.

  • Spent four long years at little-read online publication Medialife Magazine before being hired by Folio in 2003.
  • Straight.
  • Replaced peripatetic careerist Greg Lindsay at WWD in May 2004.
  • Was approached by Page Six before signing on with Maer's third incarnation last summer. Now he contributes almost daily to the website and pops up at various media functions around town.

Tyler Gray, Senior Editor.

  • Had just been hired as a Contributing Editor at Radar 2.0 when it folded.
  • Straight.
  • Freelanced at US Weekly until Maer rescued him for Radar 3.0.
  • Wrote the "Is Your Baby Gay?" article in the new issue of Radar.
  • Oversees much of the website content. Rumored to be behind the Corynne Steindler hit and the open letter to Stephen Colbert about the gay baby article.
  • Wrote a column about dating ("Draw the Line on Matchmaking Mom," "Just Don't Call It A Mingle for Singles," etc.) for the Orlando Sentinel, after being a beat reporter.
  • Became outdoors editor at Men's Fitness in August 2004.

Leigh Ann Boutwell, Managing Editor.

  • Formerly the managing editor of Cargo. Seems to enjoy the company of are-they-gay-or-straight men.
  • Is lady.

John Cook, Senior Writer.

  • Former Chicago Tribune reporter and Radar 1.0 contributor whom Maer lured to New York for Radar 3.0.
  • Straight.
  • With Jeff Bercovici, writes the bulk of the media coverage for Radar's website.
  • Has a personal blog called Reference Tone and a country-rock band that goes by the name of "Cooksie."
  • Married to Allison Benedikt, Village Voice Media film editor, who is responsible for placing Nathan Lee's reviews in VVM papers across the country. Referred to as the "High-Pitched Tone" on her husband's blog.

Dale Hrabi, Editor at Large.

  • Canadian. Like his compatriot Bonnie Fuller, worked at Flare.
  • Gay.
  • Has been floating around Radar for years, though usually manages to wrangle a cushy contract whereby he doesn't have to come into the office.
  • Worked as editorial creative director at Maxim and Details.
  • Also worked at Blender when it was sold on CD. True story.
  • Wrote the "Inner Fatties"/Spy homage piece in the latest issue.

Adam Laukhuf, Senior Editor.

  • Was a reporter-researcher at Vanity Fair.
  • Straight.
  • Known for his Radacity.
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