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The GLAAD media awards, presented tonight in New York, have come under fire this year for a controversial policy that excludes gay media outlets, such as gay-targeted cable networks like Logo and Here, in favor of "mainstream" ones—amazingly, even networks with a majority of gay-themed programming, like Bravo and ESPN. Their reasoning is that those general interest networks go further towards furthering the gay agenda recognizing positive portrayals of gays and lesbians in the media. Never at a shortage of an opinion on anything, blogging Bravo exec Andy Cohen—whose network, purely coincidentally, is up for three awards—sees no problem with the policy:

The gays are atwitter and I got in a debate with my pal Troy about it on Saturday night when I took the position that the org can depend on fair portrayal of gays from their own people and they are about pushing fair portrayals in mainstream media. [...]

Speaking of public images, I think the SFPWOL, the Society for People With One Leg, should revoke any tributes they have planned for Heather Mills. It is not working, Heather. Sorry, but it is not. The lady on Amazing Race last season was a true inspiration for us all. You are not!

And with one seamlessly executed segue, Cohen manages to clarify all the hot-button LGBT media awards issues, while demonstrating his facility with the time-honored skill of the bitchy gay aside. No, no one is safe from Cohen's acid tongue—not even Dancing with the Stars's resident Beatle-divorcée amputee, whose calculated attempts at hijacking America's sympathies through prosthetic-enabled foxtrots are completely transparent to Cohen's showbiz-jaded eye.