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This week's Time Out New York will bring readers a Q&A with a lady who shaped many women's lives in immeasurable ways. Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Betty Friedan? Hells no. Jane Pratt! She's back, baby, with a Sirius radio program. Is she well suited to the radio? Well... "I've been on a bunch as a guest. I talk a lot, and I talk long. I tell stories I assume people are interested in. They really may not be!" That actually sounds like a fun show! She also says that she "feels like [she] is working in print now," whatever that means. Then TONY asks the tough question: does Jane read Jane now that Jane she doesn't edit Jane anymore? "I pick it up. There hasn't been any issue that I haven't at least looked at. When I wasn't at Sassy anymore, that was really clear-cut. I didn't read it: I didn't want to support it in any way. This is more confusing. I want Jane to do well. It has my name on it. " Well said.

Jane Pratt [ToNY]