We know now that incest-taboo-defying bigamist terrorism opportunist Rudy Giuliani likes the ladies to be as maritally ambiguous as he is. Likewise, political and historical specificities aside, we have long known that non-traditional authoritarian family lives always portend the end of civil society as such. After the jump, the Post and Daily News update us on how our freedom will die.

In the News, Claudie Lauer, Helen Kennedy, and Celeste Katz plead to the Christian right to grow a pair:

Conservatives already uneasy about Giuliani's messy personal history weren't too upset about her secret marriage - but didn't like her joking about it. After admitting to the third marriage, Judith Giuliani lightly said having had three marriages each is one of the couple's common bonds. "Joking about being married three times is not the way to win friends and influence people among evangelical voters," said Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention. "Three is one too many when it comes to marriages. One mistake can be overlooked, if it was a long time ago, but two?"

For all our differences, America, we must come together around FAMILY VALUES! We must protect the bloodline purity of unborn Duke student athletes.

Over at the Post, another threesome of David Finnigan, Eric Lenkowitz, and Todd Venizia discribes the first Mr. Mrs. Third Giuliani:

Meanwhile, Judi Giuliani's once secret ex-hubby is a dapper classic-car collector with a penchant for Porsches and a yen for busty blondes, pals say.

"He seemed like a very professional guy and an easygoing person," said Charles Bandel, the president of the Tampa, Fla.-area condo association where Ross once lived.

"He seemed to have money. He dressed well, he had nice cars," Bandel said.

Great. The next first lady is going to be the Gulf Coast Marla Maples.

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