Our column about the former gay sex emporium at 14th and 3rd (now the site of a Duane Reade and an NYU dorm!) inspired a letter from a resident of NYU's Coral Towers. Apparently NYU dorms are just giant tempting high-rises full of nubile coeds on display—and now the residents are, oddly enough, tired of the men across the way who like to gaze upon them while self-fondling.

I'm an NYU student who lives in Coral Towers, that place above Duane Reede with the Buddy Booths. If you really want some action, just come into Coral and look into any of the adjacent buildings. There are perverts out there who watch us all the time. On Monday night my roommates and I faced a major problem. Our "peeping Tom," who has been watching us since the first week in September, took things too far. (His apartment is also backlit with a red light). He had binoculars and proceeded to take his shirt off, rub his stomach and press himself against the window for 3 hours. The RA on duty, two campus safety officers and the NYPD came to investigate. Turns out, this has been a problem before with onlookers from other surrounding buildings. The NYPD went to our peeper's apartment at 3am. Apparently his name is Todd and he received a stern warning.

We're glad to see that deep in the recesses of the East Village, some vestiges of good old New York perviness still exist. Good on ya, Todd!

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