With the horrabulous J Condo going up and $780/sf real estate prices, it was only a matter of time until the last vestigial traces of an untamed DUMBO disappeared neath the hooves of gentrification and suburbanality. The latest victim seems to be Pedro's Restaurant, that outpost of chimichangas and margaritas on the corner of Jay and Front streets. Though the restaurant itself is still standing, the extraordinary profusion of skulls in sombreros and Dia de los Muertos figures that had been, for years, drawing Flickr fans has been supplanted by gray boring stucco. A quick call to the restaurant reveals the cause to nothing more than snow damage from the recent storm. But when asked (admittedly in 6th grade Spanish) if they were planning on replacing it, an employee of the restaurant said the murals were never to return. Que triste!

[Top photo: David/Flickr]