Dwell, the magazine for bespectacled gays, is making a concerted effort to get back to its salt-of-the-earth roots. Thus, a ten part documentary (mocudramedy?) about two fearless actors and their harrowing journey into Harlem.

Part-This Old House part-Walkabout and part Crash, the series follows David Basche and wife Alysia Reiner as they gut, renovate and gentrify a house at 126th Street or so.

The hapless actor duo, he of United 93 (he's the one that gets to say "Let's Roll") and she the jilted wife of Sideways, break down the third, and fourth and fifth walls. And, amongst the hilarious white-man-in-Harlem moments, is this gloriously adorable scene, sure to score an Indie nomination for something.

ALYSIA: He comes in from a break and i;'m giving him a soda and he takes of his big hazmat gloves and there's blood on his hands.
DAVID: I knew exactly what it was. [BEAT] I looked around and we had found a couple other needles....Everything was find, the needle was old but we took some precautions but I'm perfectly fine.

Mmm, fine with hepatitis. Well, at least all that ended better than United 93.

Building Green in Harlem [Dwell]