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· John Wells Productions will house the Writers Co-Op, an all-star collective of high-priced screenwriters (David Benioff, Rob Bass, Scott Frank, and a cast of teens) who are willing to sacrifice huge bags of upfront money in exchange for greater creative control over their work and better profit participation. As part of the Co-Op's deal with Warner Bros., these top scribes will receive first-dollar gross, get to be involved as producers on their films, and, should their scripts be put into production, each will be provided with a unicorn that poops out nuggets of 24-carat gold on which to ride during the shoot, majestic steeds that will remind everyone on set of the writer's crucial role in the moviemaking process. [Variety]
· The Gersh Agency makes a bold move into sports representation by opening a baseball division. But before you get too excited, realize that their initial client list includes David Dellucci, Luis Ayala, and Brett Tomko, none of whom will likely be taken in the early rounds of your fantasy draft. [THR]
· Leading fauxteur Michael Bay will explore the possibilities of blowing shit up...five years in the future! Who knows what unnecessary explosion technology will be available to us half a decade hence? [Variety]
· Little Children's Best Supporting Self-Emasculating Child Molester nominee Jackie Earle Haley rides his newfound Oscar heat to three new projects: the Will Ferrell comedy Semi-Pro, the ensemble drama Winged Creatures, and indie drama Bolden!. [THR]
· Cool Hand Luke director Stuart Rosenberg to bet God that even He can't eat fifty hard-boiled eggs, finally settling a theological dilemma that's torn apart the Church for the last forty years. [Variety]