What do the king and queen of weekend media do together when they're alone? We find out, all gory details intact, in this month's issue of Harvard Magazine, a once-stodgy alumni glossy that has reportedly been trying for a sexier, more 'now' sort of look ever since the presposterous 02138 started crowding the field with their famous attitude and cool thoughts about lifestyle.

In the article, the sinister Maureen Dowd compares Rich to a big dog! Click through to find out which breed she arbitrarily chooses to give her analogy an artificial element of specificity.

Some context: the piece is based on a joke/idea about how Rich critiques the Bush Administration the same way he critiqued theater productions when he was reviewing them for the Times. The author tells the story of Rich's enchantment with journalism, recounting his nights as a "Stage Door Johnny" in Washington D.C. and his relationship with Daniel Ellsberg, an MIT grad he met at the Harvard Crimson who turned out to be the source for the Pentagon Papers (it should be noted that Rich himself first told this story in 02138 last October). Fast forward a few years to 1992 and there's Dowd, frolicking with the Rich-man, possibly hand-in-hand, amid the Republican and Democratic conventions:

I remember Frank being really jazzed about reporting, which he hadn't done in some time...As we trolled around the convention hall, he raced ahead of me like a husky bounding across the Arctic tundra, totally comfortable in this new element. We threw in references to King Lear and Death of a Salesman and Oklahoma! and had a really fantastic time.

Maureen Dowd is the worst lady.