You get this month's Playboy yet? (Yes, yes, for the articles.) There's this thing by new Hamptons Style editor and long-time New York mag Intelligencer-gal Deborah Schoeneman about how gossip blogs are changing the face of journalism and blah blah blah. All the usual suspects are rounded up: our pal Perez, the kid from Jossip, dewy young Gawker editrix Emily Gould and her blog-pal Doree Shafrir, etc. That's dull, to us at least, until suddenly it spins off into a personal tale of how the gossip industry is just so nasty. You see, there's this New York gossip columnist that Deb calls "Jane," perhaps in reference to her Austen-like prose. "Jane" apparently despises Deb, and has, in the past, exchanged brutal emails accusing Deb of trading on the good name of Page Six—we mean, a local gossip column!—to promote her own book.

Sadly, we are not in possession of the emails—but we have read them on someone else's screen. Indeed they were harsh. You see, Deb was out hawking her book about the gossip world, and dared to proffer opinions about the general ethics of the Page Six crew after that whole Jared Paul Stern thing went down. (Like, on CNN.) Opinions, "Jane" asserted, that Deb had no authority to express, as she had no information whatsoever to inform them. Crazy!

Well it was a sensitive time.

Fortunately, Deb—like Eric Shaeffer!—has been taking lots of yoga and learning about forgiveness.

Touching, no? We only hope "Jane," whoever she is, can find it in her heart to accept this sort of non-apology. Also, we hope she finds love one day.