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As we previewed yesterday, Tori Spelling, the little girl we all watched grow up, earn a starring role on her father's hit TV show, stage several failed comeback attempts, wreck a marriage, fail to show up to her father's deathbed, air her petty grievances with her mother on a series of celebrity rag covers, get pregnant, then turn the entire experience into an Oxygen network reality show, can now add another impressive line to her already inspirational biography: Loving mother of a healthy baby boy.

Liam Aaron McDermott, who was born in a Los Angeles hospital, weighed 6 lbs., 6 oz, according to the couple's rep.

Spelling's mother Candy Spelling was at the hospital. The baby arrived just as the new mother is reconciling with her own mom after a long estrangement.

"Words can't describe the joy and elation I feel at this truly happy event," Candy tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I am looking forward to doting on my new little grandson and all the memorable fun that comes with it."

It's amazing how the introduction of a fragile new life into the world can instantly turn blood feuds into water under the Spelling Estate drawbridge. Now that reconcilation is official, Candy can begin to splurge upon little Liam the same way she once did for Tori, ordering her army of domestics to hand-shave a two-ton block of ice, so that a picturesque backyard snowfall can accompany the bestowing of pricey gifts that she can cruelly take away from the baby should her daughter ever again defy her wishes.