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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers, and are posted several times a week. We're not picky (note semi-regular guest star by Bai Ling), so send them in often! Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the most recent time you spotted the Bruckaneer rolling into the Grove.

In today's episode: Mick Jagger; David Crosby; Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons; Greg Kinnear, Justin Chambers, Freddy Rodriguez, Michael Urie, Drew Carey, Rita Wilson, Macy Gray and John Varvatos; Jerry Bruckheimer; Scott Adsit; Maura Tierney; Mike Tyson; Kevin Smith; B.J. Novak; Rachel Dratch; Isla Fischer, Josh Radnor, and Nigel Lythgoe; Dwight Yoakam; Eugene Levy; Dita Von Teese; Pete Wentz; Kevin Corrigan; Joey Slotnick; Phil Keoghan and Bai Ling.

· Wednesday at The Grill: Mick Jagger (who looked f*cking sexy and very respectable) receiving greetings from a haggard but definitely alive David Crosby who was wearing an unfortunate khaki pants/shirt tucked in ensemble that made his beach ball tummy seem even bigger. Jagger was having lunch with a lot of 30 something suited types.

· Early dinner at Kate Mantilini on Saturday afternoon resulted in a sighting of new supercouple Djimon Housou and Kimora Lee Simmons, who are together 13 feet tall. Two little girls went over to their table and Kimora cooed, "Oh, aren't you guys adorable!" Later, Shirley Jones arrived with her posse. Woman be fine. Like, she's straight-up *hot*—not just compared to the other 73-year-olds.

· Had the pleasure of attending the John Varvatos benefit for Stuart House (UCLA Medical Center Rape Crisis Center), and spied a few celebrities over the course of the afternoon:

- Drew Carey just before he went up to emcee the silent auction (VERY nice guy and looking much thinner these days ... laughed when I asked if it would be too "L.A. douchebaggy" to ask for a picture with him)
- Justin Chambers and his lovely bride, Keisha, and their beautiful children ... saw them enter the tents, then spied him again trying on accessories in the Varvatos store. Hella cute in person, wonder if he'll get a bit on Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd's spin-off?
- Freddy Rodriguez of "Six Feet Under" fame. Pretty low-key, I'm assuming the woman with him is his wife, Elise.
- Greg Kinnear ... first spotted quickly picking up a couple of items at Varvatos, then later giving an interview near the valet stand.
- Michael Urie (Marc St. James on "Ugly Betty") chilling out and enjoying the Macy Gray show with a friendgirl. Super nice guy, let my friend and I take pics with him.
- Mrs. Tom Hanks Rita Wilson made a brief appearance ... even lovelier in person!

· Saw John Varvatos at John Varvatos, more non-eye-contacty and dismissive than Macy Gray and various other Velvet Revolver-types there to play some kind of benefit concert.

· Saturday Night Double Feature!

I was stopped at a stop sign on my way into the Grove parking-structure maelstrom, letting my dad out of the car to pick up our movie tickets when I saw Mr. Industry Jerry Bruckheimer roll past in a black S-class. He was wearing sunglasses that I'm going to assume were on the pricey side. Does anyone else think he looks like a real-life Simpsons character?

Later on in the Mac store I saw Scott Adsit (yes, I had to IMDB it) from 30 Rock. I just caught him listening to an employee tell him about industry discounts (they exist?) and heard him say that he did, in fact, "work for NBC". As I was walking out I couldn't help notice him flagrantly making out with the blond chick he was with as they were standing right in the center of the store entrance. I admire his form. [ed. note: We think they mean the Apple store, as Adsit doesn't strike us as the "trying to score a discount on lipliner" type.]

· Saturday, 3/10. Edendale Grill/Mixville Bar in Silverlake. I was there to celebrate my birthday with some friends, and we spotted Maura Tierney stalking around the bar. She's quite pretty, but very normal—not all coke-whore thin or anything. However, it wouldn't hurt her to smile—girl's got a negative vibe.

· Waiting to make a left hand turn from Laurel Canyon onto Mulholland... 3-10 Mike Tyson, well-behaved in the passenger seat. Presumably on his way back to the Wonderland Center, "one of the portals to clean and sober living in Southern California."

· Kevin Smith and daughter, once again wearing the big coat and once again buying round dough — this time at Fritelli's Doughnuts in Beverly Hills, filling up a few boxes with the peanut butter and jelly ones.

· B.J. Novak (Ryan from The Office) drinking with assorted hipster friends dressed way more hipster than he was at Bar 107 downtown Sat night (3/10). He had his arm death-gripped around a waifish brunette most of the time, and neither of them were enjoying the $5 PBR tallboy special like they should've been, but he seemed in good spirits and took a photo with some USC sorority girls. Hey, did you hear he's also one of the writers of the show? He is!

· Passed B.J. Novak of "The Office" and a ladyfriend/girlfriend? on their way out of Bar 107 downtown on Sat night. Appeared so much like his character that I expected Kelly to be screaming "Oh my Gawd! Who's this bitch?" over their shoulders as they exited.

· Saturday night around 10:30, Rachel Dratch and a small entourage walked into the Village Idiot on Melrose... she seemed to be having a really good time and attracted a small crowd around her. She's absolutely TINY.

· Sunday, March 10, Global Warming Sunday, Cat & Fiddle: Josh Radnor (Ted on How I Met Your Mother/The Doogie/Willow Show), lowkey with a cute blonde. Nigel Lythgoe from American Idol and So You Think You Dance and 90% sure we saw Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers/Borat's fiance.

· Dwight Yoakam, Thursday (3/9) night on Melrose, in a little clothing shop just down the block from the Village Idiot. He be tall.

· Eugene Levy at Ivy at the Beach on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica today (3-10). He looked confused, but didn't stick around seeing as the restaurant was chock-full of screaming babies.

· Spotted - Dita Von Teese at Fred 62, Sunday afternoon with a group of arty looking friends. Overheard her friend complaining about someone "directly stealing lines of dialog from a film"... whatever that means.

· Saw Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz at Ralph's on Western yesterday. He was getting onto the parking elevator with friends and some up and comer was giving him a business card. Pete looked very cool and didn't blow the guy off. He even smiled!

· Kevin Corrigan looking not nearly as creepy in person as he does in films, on Larchmont Blvd. this afternoon (3/9). Actually he could almost have passed for clean-cut.

Looking even crazier than he did on "The Single Guy" and "Nip/Tuck", Joey Slotnick (yes, I had to IMDB him) was hanging out at Peet's on Larchmont yesterday. He had some strange goatee thing going on.

· Spotted at Mozza Tuesday night, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan with a large-ish group. They seemed to be having a great time. I overheard Phil taking about "all the times" his book was rejected, but he sounded pretty chipper so it must have gotten bought eventually. He looks just the way he does on the show: friendly and handsome, yet still somehow mildly dorky (in a good way).

· Yesterday (3/11) I saw Bai Ling. I was in the very long but quickly moving line at Pinkberry on Lincoln and she was sitting outside of the Starbucks next door. Her seat was so far from the Starbucks door she was almost in the line with us. Anyway, I wasn't sure it was her at first because she was dressed ummm... casually? In all black (mind you it was 80 degrees out) and calf-high black cowboy boots. She was texting or playing a game on her phone. After a few minutes (from the time we got there) a nice, and normally dressed man came up to her for what I can guess was a meeting, they shook hands. I was almost blinded by the sight of her ass when she stood up. Her skirt, if you can call it that, was scary short. That's when I knew it was her. Well, and the man called her Ling, I guess that helped.