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Broadcasting & Cable says Court TV is "rebranding" and changing its name in an attempt to woo a different "psychographic," one that is full of dudes who like watch reality-based action shows. No word yet on the new name, but we understand that the top four contenders are The 24-Hour Larry Seidlin Channel, America's Violentest Interrogations Network, Parent's Basement Television, and Spike. Also: "Star Jones Is A Lawyer!" (Uh, her show will appeal to men... how?) Sadly, "We're Not Thrilled About Being Associated With Nancy Grace Either, But Ratings Are Ratings TV" was nixed for being too lengthy to fit on any of the eight million branded products the network sends out for publicity. Former network head Henry Schleiff must be kissing his framed copy of Steven Brill's picture and thanking the Lord that he headed over to Hallmark.

Court TV To Ditch Name, Change Programming in Rebrand [B&C]