We thought there might be some sort of gossipland Page Six-Radar Freundschaft society. After all, Radar's #2, Chris Tennant, was a Page Six freelancer for some time. Apparently, no! This morning's P6 feels fit to savage the mag over a six-minute voicemail they received, in which an "insipid brainstorming session was captured." (BTW, we're going with Paula Froelich's voicemail. Though! We're sure Richard Johnson misses all his calls, due to deafness or something. Last time we saw him on the street, we screamed "HEY RICHARD!" Not even a reptilian blink. He was probably just super-jazzed, as he was on his way to his weekly basketball practice. Anyway!) Whether or not Radar rips its story stylings from Details, we're sure Maer is thrilled that the Sixers ran with a photo this flattering. Also, a crisp new Lincoln to whomever identifies the "clumsy editor accidentally dialed out on his cellphone during the editorial confab." Neel Shah, call us!