One of the most important things about the weekend is brunch, that crazy eating idea invented in New York that's not quite breakfast and not quite happy hour. We've been hungering for some brunch coverage here at Gawker Weekend since we started, and this week we finally found our muse. Remember that pre-YouTube web-video where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have sex with foxy newscaster April O'Neal (very, very NSFW, but hey, it's Sunday)? Well, the guys responsible for that delightful abomination, Matthew Janicak and Ben Dougan, have created a new internet comic strip, and it's called—wait for it—"Brunch"! We read some of the strips they've posted so far, and since we couldn't really figure out what any of them had to with eggs Benedict, lox, or Bloody Maries, we called up Janicak in Los Angeles and asked.

What's your comic strip about, and why is it named after the meal brunch?
Because brunch is a meal without food limitations, in terms of what kind of things you can eat. We're trying to offer a variety of different kinds of jokes, and hopefully people will read it over brunch. And you know, then it'll become a tradition. We're trying to aim at the restaurant business, to try to get printed on the placemats. Maybe this is just something people can do during brunch.

That would never happen.
Well, yeah, with a web comic, it's overly difficult for us to try and get people to, say, only read it while they're at brunch and probably don't have a computer with them... it's more that we want people to be in a brunch state of mind while reading the strip, or maybe reading the strip will help them get there, I don't know.

What is a brunch state of mind, in your opinion?
It is a relaxed mind and it is a content mind because it knows it has such a wide variety of rich food types available to it. This, and at brunch there is typically a myriad of delightful things to look at, like a nice tablecloth, flowers, et cetera. This comic could be a delightful thing, and if it can successfully hitchhike on the back of brunch, the meal, it will be very successful. Also, "Brunch" is a very catchy name for a comic strip, and I think this is the most important reason of all that the strip is called "Brunch."

Do you even have brunch in Los Angeles?
Yes, we do.

What kind of food do you eat?
Basically the same things they offer anywhere. Breakfast food, if you go to a diner, or you can have sandwiches. We're going to meet up in an hour or so and we're going to this place, the Overland something something, I forgot. I just walked by it.