With your help, we've ID'd 14 of the potentially worst bosses in New York. We'll be parading them in front of you daily, and when we're done, we'll all decide together who's the worst. Feel free to shout out your suggestions if any of these tales joggles a traumatized (or happy) memory!

Oh, Conde Nast exec Richard Beckman. Woo boy. This one is a doozy. For starters, let's talk about that time, back when he was publisher of Vogue, that he allegedly tried to get staffers Carol Matthews and Emily Jahncke Davis to kiss at a party, and ended up (allegedly!) breaking Matthews' cheekbone!

So where are they now? Matthews, who needed "extensive reconstructive surgery" according to Media Life, sued Conde Nast and won over a million; she resigned and, according to a tipster, has been "fairly blackballed from a lot of NY media." Davis is the ad director of Vanity Fair. And Beckman, who was ordered to get counseling (our tipster claims he never did!), is head of corporate sales and media group president for Conde Nast.

Stunner: we hear he's still misbehaving. A co-worker says "the tales of terror are far too numerous to list." Overall, his infractions these days are now more minor— "An assistant for a couple of Sales Reps was leaving after having been there for about 6 months and he wrote a nice e-mail thanking everyone, so on and so forth. The kid sent it to the whole department, including Richard. Not two minutes later Richard sends back a reply-all, simply saying 'Who?'"

Aw, c'mon, that's not so bad! Maybe he did go to counseling after all. You think?

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