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Fret not, Star Jones's legions of fans: The Daytime Talk Show Gods have heard your hungry cries for a return to a time when we could all rely on a regular dose of Starry-eyed wisdom to help get us through the day. The former Brooklyn D.A. has been hired back by the very network that helped launch her now-legendary famewhoring career:

The former district attorney-turned-television personality will serve as host and executive editor of a new daytime talk show on Court TV, the cable channel announced Wednesday.

According to MARLENE DANN, executive vice president of Court TV, Star will host a one-hour, live, daily show that will offer a fresh perspective to the day's most talked-about crime and justice stories from the news and pop culture arenas.

"My goal is to inform, empower, educate and entertain viewers. And Court TV is the perfect place to accomplish that mission," said Star in a statement.

There's something that feels almost too right about the return of Court TV's prodigal, legal-analyst daughter to wrest control of the cable network from the clutches of their currently reigning evil queen, Nancy Grace. And while on the surface Star appears virtually unrecognizable from Starlet Jones, that buttoned-down crusader for truth, justice, and the American Way we came to know and love in the early 90s, she now returns to us arguably stronger than ever, having since successfuly triumphed over an elusive search for love, a near-death experience on a plastic surgeon's operating table, and, most impressively, a Barbara Walters-led coup against her livelihood and reputation that would ultimately escalate into a battle for our very souls.